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Thanks to our partners!

With the support from our community partners, the Young Minds Initiative is working to bridge the gap between mental health services in and nearby the area and community members who seek support. 


Our partners play a fundamental role in achieving YMI’s mission. Mental health is not an issue that can be addressed by one person, one family or one organization. To alleviate this critical issue that approximately 1 in 7 youth across the globe experience (WHO, 2021), we need to work together.

The Young Minds Initiative highly values our partners for investing their time and energy in building a more resilient community and for their commitment to raising awareness about the mental health challenges affecting today's youth.

To learn more about our partners, click their logo to view their website.

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Want to join our network? 

Are you looking to join our network of community organizations and leaders in Fountain Hills and Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation?

All of our partners contribute to the success of the Young Minds Initiative by being a part of our distribution network, helping us distribute our Resource Card to youth and other individuals seeking mental health services. Each resource card includes emergency services for youth, comprising of national and local resources, in addition to several non-emergency services in and nearby our community. 

Fill out the form in our "Contact Us" section and we will respond to you as quickly as possible!

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